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Our story

Lofotseminaret is Norway's most important aquaculture conference, and has been for over 20 years. Based on knowledge and innovation as the driving force behind the aquaculture industry's incredible growth, Lofotseminaret has since the 90's contributed to sharing of important new insights and been part of the positive development in the industry.

In the early years of Lofotseminaret, there where very few arenas where Norwegian breeders could meet to discuss their profession, exchange experiences and absorb the latest in relevant research and development. Today there is an ocean of aquaculture conferences, however, Lofotseminaret still represents something unique. By the industry, for the industry. 

The agenda is sacred, and carefully curated to adress current and important topics in genetics, breeding, hatcher and food fish production. Thematically, the main emphasis is always on biology, but the program also accommodate other relevant ares, such as regulatory changes and our environmental footprint. In 2021, Lofotseminaret even hosted a political debate focused on aquaculture with prominent governement politicians. We still politely decline any suppliers and potential sponsors to ensure the agenda and experience stays true to its original intention. 

Lofotseminaret has also grown, from a few dozen participants in the first few years t0 140 in 2022. Lofotseminaret is attracting international interest and always welcomes a group of participants from the aquaculture industry outside Norway. In addition to select foreign speakers. We see this as an important dimension for an industry that is in every way international, even if its head offices are scattered around in small towns aong the Norwegian cost.

We are local patriots through and through and Lofotseminaret is no different. We love to show off the islands we call home. That is why we have hosted Lofotseminaret in so many different places in Lofoten, from Røst in the west to Svolvær in the east. For the participants, Lofotseminaret will build their insigh and knowledge, while also being an experience they will carry with them for a long time. Great food, incredible nature, midnight sun and social experiences with former and future friends from the world's finest industry. 

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