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Catch a glimpse of past and future speakers. Videos will mostly be in Norwegian and are currently lacking subtitles.

Foedragsholder 2023

Speakers 2023

siri Johnsen 2.jpg

Siri Johnsen

Siri has been a DSM (now dsm-firmenich) representative for a long time. In her poistion she has combined her strong interest in micronutrients with her sales role. With an affinity for aquaculture, her aim is to contribute to improve nutrition, performance, health, utilization of raw material, and redused emission throughout the food chain. 

Sverri Strøm

The Faroe Islander Sverri (Sverre) is a graduate veterinarian from the University of Copenhagen and moved to Norway in 2017 to work as an aquaculture veterinarian. In 2022, he was employed as the Head of Fish Health South at STIM. 

Bjørn Gillund

Bjørn (54) is a veterinarian who has worked in disease prevention, disease management, and development of quality systems in both the aquaculture industry and public administration. For the past seven years, he has held the position of Chief Quality and Fish Health Officer at SinkabergHansen.

Ragnhild Hancke-Olsen

Ragnhild is a fish health biologist and is employed as a Senior Technical Manager at Prewivo, a company focused on microbial enhancement and prevention. Ragnhild has 15 years of industry experience, with a background in fish health services, R&D, genetics, and as a clinical researcher in vaccine development. 

Dag Sletmo

Dag Sletmo is a Senior Vice President and advisor in the Seafood Division at DNB. Prior to this, he worked at Cermaq, where he was involved in investor relations, and he has also served as a seafood analyst at ABG Sundal Collier. He holds an MBA from Columbia University in New York, a degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), and has completed intermediate studies in philosophy at the University of Bergen (UiB).

Kari Attramadal

Kari is the head of research and development at Nofitech, and she also holds a position as an associate professor at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science at NTNU, where she teaches about RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems). Kari is a biologist and holds a PhD in aquaculture from NTNU. She has contributed to over 30 research articles on aquatic production ecology, RAS, and microbial control.

Mathias Andersen

Mathias has a background as a veterinarian at both Marin Helse and Åkerblå before being hired by STIM in the spring of 2021. There, he quickly took on responsibility for overseeing various projects and ongoing research, primarily within smoltification. Mathias has now been recruited by the newly established Nordly Holding company, SeaCure.


Camilla Bergby

Camilla is a senior lawyer at Thommessen and is part of the firm's seafood team. She has many years of experience in Norwegian and international tax law, and she primarily works with tax-related issues concerning fish farmers, fisheries, and the owners of such businesses.

Hans Petter Klappen.jpg

Hans Petter Kleppen

Hans Petter is the Director of Research at ACD Pharma and has led our research and development of bacteriophages in aquaculture for the past 12 years. He has also explored their potential applications in human health. His latest project has focused on Moritella viscosa.

Jesse Trushenski.jpg

Jesse Trushenski

Jesse is the R&D Manager at Nordly Holding and oversees a variety of research initiatives for the companies within the group. As one of the world's leading experts in fish nutrition, she has played an essential role in the development of Polarfeed feed, which has delivered impressive results. In the USA, Jesse has held numerous leading aquaculture positions in both the public and private sectors and continues to serve as an advisor to Riverence as the company's Chief Science Officer.

Olav-Andreas Ervik.jpg

Olav-Andreas Ervik

Olav-Andreas (46) is the Managing Director at Utror, where he works on expanding aquaculture offshore. Starting as a fish farm operator in 1994, he has had an impressive career in the aquaculture industry, holding leadership positions at Lerøy Hydrotech, Scottish Seafarms, Lerøy Midnor, SalMar, and SalMar Aker Ocean, where he served as CEO.

John Harald Pttersen.png

John Harald Pettersen

John Harald is a Senior Consultant at FiiZK Digital, where he works on analyses and reports. He has extensive experience in the industry, including 25 years at EWOS/Cargill, focusing mainly on monitoring, benchmarking, and analysis of production in Norway, Chile, Canada, and the UK.

Bård Misund.jpg

Bård Misund

Bård is a professor at the University of Stavanger and has over 15 years of industry experience in the energy sector and other commodity sectors such as seafood.

Per Anton Sæther kopi.jpg

Per Anton Sæther

Per Anton is an experienced veterinarian who has been closely involved with the aquaculture industry ever since he graduated from Justus Liebig University in Germany in 1993. He is currently a senior consultant at Åkerblå and holds a teaching position in fish health and welfare at the University of Tromsø. He is a co-author of numerous scientific articles, and with his extensive field experience, he is frequently sought after as a speaker.

Ole Marius Farstad.jpg

Ole Marius Farstad

Ole Marius is Head of Sales at Polarfeed and has a background in salmon export and smolt production. He served as the managing director at Fossing Storsmolt from 2016 to 2022. He holds a degree as a Fishery Candidate from the Norwegian College of Fisheries in Tromsø.

Brandon_Gottsacker_SuperiorFresh_July2021_Toned_0094 kopi.jpg

Brandon Gottsacker

Brandon is an educated biologist and the founder of the groundbreaking American aquaculture company, Superior Fresh LLC. The company combines land-based RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) production of salmon with the world's largest aquaponic facility for lettuce production.

Jim Roger1-2018.jpg

Jim-Roger Nordly

Jim-Roger started small as a feed agent and vaccinator in the late 1980s, but has gradually built up a number of aquaculture companies in nutrition, pharmaceuticals, R&D, and production. Among these are Polarfeed, ACD Pharma, and Paradigm Aquatic, in addition to STIM, in which he has retained a significant ownership stake after its sale to Summa Equity earlier this year.

Male button down.png

Erlend Eide

Erlend is the Technical Director at Eide Fjordbruk.


Bjørnar Skjæran

Minister of Fisheries and Sea, Bjørnar Selnes Skjæran was born in 1966 and hails from Lurøy in Nordland, Norway. Skjæran has a background as a farmer and private entrepreneur and served as the mayor of Lurøy municipality from 2011 to 2015.

Photo: NTB Kommunikasjon/Statsministerens kontor

Foredragsholdere 2022

Fordragsholdere 2022
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